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    2009 - 11.25

    Welcome to the website of Porfyrousa!

    Explore the guesthouse, on the estate, buy organic products! Also meet Elena Mageirou and its activities and contact. Live agrotourism in Kythera, stay in the hostel Porphyrousa, try organic products!

    Porfyrousa Traditional Hotel

    Kythira, Kythira, KYTHIRA, kythira KYTHERA KYTHIRA,,

    Stay in one of the most beautiful villages of the island. View guesthouse and book! more > >

    Porphyrousa estate

    Porphyrousa estate

    The main estate is located Porphyrousa to Palaiopoli inside an proprietary small lagadaki. more > >

    Organic Products

    Organic Products

    Order organic products of the farm Porphyrousa. Oil, ladopaximado, vintage, chipura more > >

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