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    2016 - 02.10

    Wine Restaurant “Ampelos”


    At the entrance of fascinating Mylopotamos, with the stream breeziness, the smeell and the aroma of local wines and tsipouro of Estate “Porfyrousa”, the taste of organic and traditional local products of Kythera,  you will find the restaurant “Ampelos”.

    In 2013, Elena with Myrto, formed on the ground floor of Porfyroysas, a small but cozy area, where guests can taste the local wines of Kythera and tsipouro, which are slowly renovated in organic vineyards of the estate “Porfyrousa”. Simultaneously, flavors that come from distant travels of Elena’s grandfather, Spyros, from the cosmopolitan Mediterranean ports of Marseille, Smyrna and Alexandria in Egypt, who for too many years, from the era of the 1930s until 1960, cooked delicacies and dishes of his own specialtie for Greeks, Europeans and even for Egyptian kings. …

    Grandpa Spyros, after the expulsion of Greeks from Alexandria, fled to Athens, where he was living with Elena’s family, introduced to the secrets of the smyrnaiikis and alexandrine cuisine, with precious spices of the Orient to emerge with the aftertaste of particular dishes. From the morning omelette or scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables, until sizzling rice, spicy and peppery livers, couscous, or schnitzel, aromatic salads …

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