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    2009 - 11.25

    The estate

    The estate of KytheraThe main estate is located Porphyrousa to Palaiopoli inside an proprietary small lagadaki, and on a hill just beyond, overlooking the beach of paleopolis. It consists of 25 acres with trees that occupy mainly the cavity of langadi, and from 10 acres of vines, enclosing the Valley, and is planted on steps, on stone terraces, that hold the soil. On the estate there are also almond trees and carob trees, while on the edges pretty wild faskomila. Among the olive trees, a small stone building of the last century has been restored and turned into organic bottling organic olive oil with EL code. There are nearly 50 other side family acres, areas of olives, vines and cereals.
    On a hilltop opposite the bottling organic olive oil, inside the estate is the home of Elena. A small traditional arch, made of local traditional porolithoys with the style of the properasmeno made boltoy century terrace of the entire Mediterranean Sea, gazing at Antikythera and psiloritis! The legs natural balcony, other 6 acres with local cultivars oinampeloy, scattered over 9 terraces with masonry of many hundred years, restored in some places. Other 6 acres of olive Sao chamilotea steps of the estate surround the property.

    The vine

    From the first moment I arrived at the island, Elena started to revive the old vine varieties Kytherian. In estate grown the arikaras, giving rosé wine, high-ranking and aromatic, Roditis gives that white wine, alcohol, but in larger quantities, the petrolanos that gives white wine variety, very sensitive to diseases as well as the toykoymaki, which gives wine mayri, variety of very small spread and limited production, but very fragrant. For the revival of vine took over 10000 grafted cuttings.

    The liophito

    In the estate's full, the variety that prevails is the koroneiki. Variety that combined with the climatic conditions of the island, produces the excellent taste and aromas with fruity extra virgin olive oil of Kythera, which has already been honoured with international awards.

    The wheat

    In recent years, Elena redouble its efforts and to the revival of the cultivation of wheat. Chose a Greek variety "short mayragani", in which sows in the estate a small area. It is called so because the agano corn is hard, black, while the strain is low so you don't plagiazei the samum. After persistent precepts and to other producers, cultivated wheat again on the island and maintained and Mili.

    The Wine and olive oil Bottling Workshop

    Located in a small traditional stone building in the main estate. The construction project and procurement of machinery laboratory joined the program of the Community Initiative Leader II and was completed in 2001. Bottling certified laboratory for biological process and is also available for bottling of other producers of the island.

    Certification of property Porphyrousa

    The Porphyrousa Estate is tested and certified for organic cultivation of olive trees and vines and the standardization of finished products without interruption since 1996 till today.
    From 1996 to 2010 verified and certified by DIO. From 2010 to 2013 is tested and certified by Q-Quality tracks Ways. From 2013 until today is tested and certified by TUV Austria Hellas.

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