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    2011 - 08.01


    We offer you the possibility to discover Kythera through the perspective that sees nature as a lifeblood. Follow us.

    -Tour in the ravine of mylopotamos with the mills, the nerogoybes and the consecutive Cascades through the old path beside the flowing waters and under the cool shade of the plane trees.

    -Tour of the baths and the throne of Venus, the rocks over the cool waters of paleopolis and vaulted in Mycenaean tombs scattered in the Valley of paleopolis.

    -Observing migratory birds by the Lake Paleopolis (region Natura).

    -Education and demonstration of organic farming techniques as well as tour the estate Porphyrousa listed.

    Follow us on tasks and olive cultivation. Pruning and thinning the branches, watching with traps of the population controlling olive fly, harvesting, pressing olives in liotrybi.

    Get involved with us in Grapevine! Prunings, carvings, katharismata, koryfologimata, theiafismata, harvest, pressing the grapes to the winery, distillation of tsampoyrwn and production of tsipouro to the retort.

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