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    2009 - 11.25

    Organic Products "Porphyrousa"

    Olive oil

    Olive Oil Of Kythera

    The organic olive oil produced in Kythera, from the olive trees of the farm Porphyrousa. in print we bottled with the name ' Porphyrousa ' Estate, organic shops in Athens and selectively in the rest of Greece

    1. marasca bottle 250ml

    2. maraska glass bottle 750 ml
    Pieces per box: 12-WEIGHT GEAR: 14 kg

    3. tenekaki 5 lt
    Pieces per box: 4-GEAR WEIGHT: 20 kg


    Ladopaximado Kythiron

    The new product, the "tsirigwtiko" original oil nut named "Wheat and Oil", and is a revival of traditional ladopaximadoy. Made from organic green olive oil from Porphyrousa estates, and of flour made from old Greek short and mayragani variety of wheat, with rich flavor.

    Only upon request.


    Box (cardboard) 500 gr
    Pieces per box: 40-GEAR WEIGHT: 20 kg


    Tsipouro Of Kythera

    Is pure distillate of pomace of grapes. Produced with the traditional process of cythera, from alembic, without adding anise, as in the rest of Greece, leaving the aromas of the grape variety indigenous to emerge and to let us a newfound sense of the language and in our throat. As pure spirit, creates no headaches!

    Available in bulk at the Grapevine restaurant in mylopotamos.


    wine Porphyrousa

    The wine from organic vineyards produced from regional varieties, the largest percentage is the arikaras (probably, clean turn Fokianos), upland Roditis, petrolanos, kydonitsa and tokoymaki. These varieties produce a wine color pink the arikaras, white Roditis, petrolanos and kydonitsa and tokoymaki red. Available in principle in shops and taverns of the island.

    Packaging: bottle 750 ml
    Pieces per box: 12-WEIGHT GEAR: 20 kg

    Buy organic products Porphyrousa!

    Order organic products of the farm Porphyrousa. Contact Elena by telephone or by sending an e-mail. Immediate delivery within 10 working days from submission of your order.
    You will also find them in selected stores for organic products throughout Greece. Yet you'll find on Kythira in shops selling traditional products and in supermarkets.

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