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    2009 - 11.25


    Come to the island of Aphrodite! Discover the beauties of Kythera.


    Mylopotamos Kythira

    The guesthouse Porphyrousa is located in one of the most beautiful villages of Kythira, milopotamos. Medieval village, was one of the three main residential centres of the island. In the area of Mylopotamos, there are some of the most beautiful sights such as the Valley (Evil Valley) with fountains, waterfalls and the mills, the Venetian fortress of Kato Chora, the cave of Agia Sophia, the Church of Panagia Orphan that is built in a small cave, the sheltered harbor of Limnionas, small beach Kalami at the mouth of langadi. Also, the adjacent settlement of Araiwn is located the Byzantine Church of Saint Peter, one of the most characteristic examples of architecture of monemvasia with splendid frescoes.

    In the picturesque village square, under the trees, there is the traditional café – restaurant "Platanos", the restaurant "Delis" restored "Litribideio" wonderful exhibition space, and below, kamari with running waters and ducks, a small and very nice coffee bars. Coffee and homemade delicacies from Helen all hours in the most beautiful part of the island, only a few meters next to the hostel.

    In the village you will also find the grocery store "SymBeny", the boutiques of the most seductive fabrics and gorgeous ornaments and hats of Karen, the bookstore and the master goldsmith Costas.

    Mylopotamos is a small traditional village, you can steal all the days of your holiday!


    Palaiopoli Kythera

    Paleopolis lies on the notioanatolikes coastline of Kythera. It is flat, with large olive grove, with streams to cross and with the longest beach of the island that stretches from the adjacent village of avlemonas up the little Hill in Modi. In the area are very important archaeological finds and it seems that Ayres was in antiquity. To the East stands the Hill of St. George above avlemonas, in one of the most ancient peak sanctuaries, where latreyane the goddess Selene. In the West the Hill of paliokastro in ruins from ancient castle. Temple in the aechaiologiko area is in the sanctuary of pieces of ancient columns.

    The beach of paleopolis is sandy. Elena's estate is located near the stream of the Dovecote. Worth one visit to Palaiopoli, starting from the estate of Elena, after swimming in the sea, eating at the nearby Taverna Platanos and after a stroll in the village of avlemonas at which there are restaurants, café and mini-market. An important landmark of avlemonas is the Venetian fortress of St. Francis, known as Castello. Kaladi Beach marked the most beautiful of the island, is another place to go, with lots of stairs to descend and then climb. Located behind the Hill Modi, next to the Lake.

    More information about the island you will find the driver Kithera.gr

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